Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peace Corps in the Media

Yes, I am still going to Africa.  Many people have asked me about the recent Peace Corps rape stories in the news. Rape and sexual assaults happen all around the world. In the US 1 in 6 women are raped.  After talking to current Peace Corps women from all around the world including Africa I am not any more worried than before; however, I am more aware.  During PST I will be trained on how to avoid dangerous situations and what to do and who to contact if an event occurs.  The best way to avoid any dangerous situations will be to form relationships with my community and that is my plan. Since the bad media attention, the Peace Corps has become VERY serious about sexual assaults.  Ghana will be an extremely safe location because they are celebrating their 50th anniversary this August.  They will be doing everything they can to protect us to not get anymore bad PR at this joyous time.   If you want to read some more about the stories, here are some links:

New York Times
Official Peace Corps Response

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