Sunday, August 21, 2011

One day in Ghana...

There is nothing like sharing what I am seeing and experiencing through the beauty of words. Today I woke up from a restless night of itching and vivid nightmares at 5:45am. Then I stumble from underneath the insecticide treated bed net to find my keys to unlock the door and cover myself from head to toe in cloth as my armor in the battle against no-see-ems. This all has to be in a rush before my bowels give way to unsettledness from the foreign food and water the night before.  I briskly walk across the green gulf course grass in the middle of Coca tree heaven to the family latrine. I pull up my cloth and get situated before I close the door in order to ensure I don’t sit on a lizard or cockroach. Yes, for those of you who know latrines, this is a nice one (Kumasi ventilated improved pit latrine to be exact). I have a ‘thrown’ to sit on rather than squat.  Next I go back to the house and wash my hands WITH SOAP to be a good consistent role model for the family. WATSAN! I then attempt to work out in the room, but I am constantly tired so not much happens.  I then pour water from my barrel into a bucket and carry it to the bathhouse next to the latrine. This morning it was colder than what I have yet experienced. With the first pour of water over my head a steam formed. Just imagine blue clear morning sky and the tops of Coca and plantain trees encapsulating your entire field of vision over the walls of the bathhouse and you are steaming. It was nothing short of magical.

I then go to my room, get dressed and pack my bag ready for language class. When I come out of the room my breakfast is waiting for me. Plain bread, a hardboiled egg and extremely hot sweet milk with a hint of coffee are the usual. I say goodbye to my older sister and niece.  She finally didn’t scream out like she was being brutally beaten when seeing my white skin; break through! After telling each individual family member that I was leaving for school and will be back at noon I go on my way. I always stop to see Sean on my way.

Since we have only 3 more classes left I put a lot of effort in class. My instructor Sheilo says I am making him very proud. My exam is next Wednesday at 9am. I have to talk straight for 20 minutes. The topics are introduction, daily routine (my best) and directions. If I knew that was going to be the test in June, I would have thought that’s impossible, but surprisingly I am only a healthy level of nervousness. 

For lunch I go home and Sean comes over to relax for an hour before we have to head back. Luckily today class let out at 2pm. It is so hot. I purchase a nice cold coke in a glass bottle for 70 peswa and drink it all before reaching home.  I joke that it is hot as Africa here. I unlock my door, undress, crawl under the bed net and write this blog. It has been a pretty awesome day so far. As the days pass (as long as I am not sick) I have become completely comfortable here in Ghana. I know that I am meant to be here and I have the ability to empower and improve the lives of many. Thank you all especially my parents for sending cards and packages quite frequently. It means the world to me and I know I am making you proud. I love you all.

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