Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Times are Good in Jeyiri

These girls are always at my house. I gave them some flowers to put in their hair because they liked the one I had. Well it made their day and now everyone asks me for flowers.
Master P. Being cute at market.

Market Day in Kolpong, aka the one day a week I can drink and buy food! We are in the one hut that sells beer (sometimes cold!)
My counterpart's kids. Although it is a tough contest, I think they are the cutest.
Here he is! Sleeping with his best buddy. All my neighbors can't believe a dog can have toys.  Thanks mom, what will think of the dog bed you are trying to send???
1) Master P. is growing very fast and is bigger than in these pictures.
2) I will start doing health lessons on Fridays (this Friday Nutrition!)
3) Health and Creative Minds clubs will begin after Thanksgiving.
4) Considering being the kindergarden teacher because the kids just sit under a tree all day and cry and nothing else.
5) Thanksgiving will be spent in Accra with all my friends at the U.S. Ambassador's house.
6) I am going to start teaching Tao English. He's a man from China who is putting in electricity in my district.

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