Friday, February 3, 2012

No Rain Does NOT Equal No Food

Recently I have come back from a dry season gardening IST in Tumu.  In the north of Ghana we go most of the year with zero rainfall aka dry season. This current dry season, which is just beginning, has been predicted to be very harsh.  The nutrition in Jeyiri is poor all year round. Imagine what it is like with no vegetables and fruit that you can afford.  Food security is an area that PCVs, like myself, are trying to improve.

Plan Ghana has constructed dams all over the north to increase the possibility for dry season gardening; however, the dams are under utilized. The system we installed was a gravity fed drip irrigation system, which uses water from the dam. No pump or electrical equipment is needed to run the system. Also a drip system uses the water the most conservatively.

I had a wonderful time out on the land getting the land ready for planting.  The future may hold a place for a similar but smaller system at my school. Enjoy the pictures!  

David the PCV organizer and leader

A dry season garden already growing beautifully   

Our drip lines (600 meters total)
Our water source

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